HDD Mud Slurry Cyclone Desander

Item No.: HDD-Desander
Slurry treatment plant is a small independent system.

Mud slurry cyclone desander is an independent system in slurry treatment. It includes desander cyclone, shale shaker, bottom storage tank, pump and electric control box. For it has small space, so wildely used in tunneling, micron-tunneling, piling construction, HDD drilling and diaphragm wall projects.


Slurry Desander System 
Model ZSMS200D ZSMS500D ZSMS1000D
Treating Capacity 200GPM(45M3/h) 500GPM(120M3/h) 1000GPM(240M3/h)
Solids feed capacity 10~30t/h 25~50t/h 25~80t/h
cut point 20~60um 20~60um 20~60um
Mud cleaner SSZS3/2 SSZS3/2 SSZS3/2
Vibration Strength ≤6.0g ≤6.0g ≤6.0g
UPPER Screen Area: 1.71 m2 (2 pcs) 1040mm×820mm×(20-40)Meshes ) 1.71 m2 (2 pcs )1040mm×820mm×(20-40)Meshes ) 1.71 m2 (2 pcs )1040mm×820mm
(20-40)Meshes )
Bottom Screen Area: 2.34 m2 (3 pcs )1150mm×680mm
(20-60)  Meshes 
2.34 m2 (3 pcs )1150mm×680mm
(20-60)  Meshes 
2.34 m2 (3 pcs )1150mm×680mm
(20-60)  Meshes 
Desander Size: 8-10 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch
Cone Number: 1 1 2
Centrifugal pump AX-SB4×3(15kw) AX-SB6×5(37kw) AX-SB8×6(55kw)


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